The search engines

The first search engines emerged in the early 1990s. Until Google was born in 1996 there were several, including Yahoo. The boom of the Web began. The crowd realized that you could really get money with them. In this way they concluded that they needed to attract traffic.


What was the most remarkable procedure of attracting traffic? The search engines At that moment the owners of the websites began to assume how they could achieve the top positions ... SEO was born!
What is SEO?

SEO belongs to the "disciplines" that changed the most in previous years. We just have to look at the considerable sum of updates that were from Penguin and Panda, and how they turned 180 degrees to what was understood by SEO until recently. At this moment, SEO is pursuing what our Matt Cutts qualifies as "Search Experience Optimization" or what is similar, "all for the user."

Although there are a huge amount of components on which a search engine relies to locate one page or another, one could say that there are two basic components: authority and importance Authority is fundamentally the recognition of a page. The more usual the more important is the information inside. This aspect is what a search engine has more in mind since it is based on our user experience.

The more a content is shared is that more individuals have found it useful. The importance is the relationship a page has to a given search. This is not simply that a page has in thousands of occasions the concept sought (in the beginning it was like that) but a search engine is based on a hundred on-site components to know this.

Has your SEO ranking gone down? Heres how to fix it.

When your positions on Google fall, this affects all areas of your website: page views, organic traffic, session duration and more. If you suspect that your SEO Ranking has dropped, it may be due to any of the following problems; here we explain how to fix them.

It is not a good feeling when you review your positioning and analytics data and see that your content is not as good as it was recently. In a short time, the metrics surrounding your SEO strategy have decreased, which leaves you confused and you wonder what to do. This affects the way your company can create conversions and generate leads.

According to a SEO study by AviationWebDesign Group, more than 50 percent of organic traffic comes from searches, in your case, it may be more. Simply put, you need a recovery plan that drives your SEO back to where it was before.

If you suspect that your SEO Ranking has been reduced, be sure to read the post.
The content is altered or deleted

In the process of redesigning a website, you can perform a content audit in which you change or delete most of the content to improve your rankings. This includes modifying keywords, URLs, headings, subtitles, body text and changing the subjects perspective. Everything is designed to match the feel of the new design of the site and align with your New York brand.

You might think that this is the best way to improve the SEO of your website, but you could have made your ranking decrease. When you change all this on your website, Google has to re-crawl your pages to verify their relevance and authority. If important keywords are removed from areas, such as description, tags, title and alternative text, their relevance decreases and so does their ranking.

The problem could also be that content pages have been completely removed, which caused a break in the flow of content, that is, indexed pages that no longer exist give the user error. The rankings that you had before may disappear when you allow gaps to form and content throughout your site, the non-existent content.

To solve this problem, check which keywords give you the highest return on investment and traffic before modifying or deleting any SEO content. This is a content that you should not modify, as it will continue to bring visits. If you have access to previously edited content, go back to the previous text and review it.
Google has changed its algorithm

Google silently and live updates its ranking algorithm daily; Most of the changes are minor and barely noticeable. However, when there is a larger update it affects the rules of how to rank higher. When this happens, your only option is to implement SEO best practices to match what Google wants.

Find out why Google penalizes your website. How does this fit with your update? Why would that affect your ranking? You can use a tool like Google Algorithm Changes to track fluctuations in search results and evaluate their impact on the ranking of your website. Right now there is no Spain to check, but it is a great tool that can serve as a guide.

Google Search Console will also send you an email when Google detects problems on your site and shows you which URL they link to.

The best thing you can do to stay on the bright side of Google, despite the updates to its algorithm, is to avoid Black Hat SEO tricks. These are disapproved SEO tactics that could potentially rank you better in SERPs but if you do you can violate Googles terms of service. This makes websites banned from ranking, since Google considers it spam (they are banned websites). Some examples include keyword stuffing; links from sites unrelated to yours and duplicate content, to name a few.

Try to create only valuable content with useful information that helps users and increases their commitment to your site. Google recommends monitoring your site regularly to detect piracy and prevent and eliminate user-generated spam, such as in comments.
Thin Content

Thin Content is another SEO spam tactic used to boost the ranking of a site by creating lots of URLs even though the site does not have the most relevant and useful information available, that is, minimum content. Google describes it as content that provides little or no added value to the user. And that exists without the purpose of helping your audience.

If your SEO Rankings have collapsed, reassess the quality and functionality of your content. Check out
Of course you do not need to delete or delete it from the web, you can use the “noindex” tag so that Google does not track it and do not index it. If it is content that adds value or complements another, bring them together and the one with the lowest Ranking can redirect it to the one that is best positioned.

Create quality content that is insightful and useful for users who visit your website. Be genuine in your approach to appease your target audience and provide only the NYC best content. Especially if you have an ecommerce, it usually happens that your categories or products are orphaned of content.

Here is an example of the same product in different stores.


There are a number of reasons why your sites New York SEO rankings could have fallen. Websites find tons of errors every day, and Google doesnt get in when it comes to how it classifies the performance of a site. No matter the problem, it is important to be aware of your site when monitoring its performance and to be aware of Googles rules.

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